Adult Classes

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I had never thought about phrasing like that. Now I always will.
Feedback from participant
I wish I had learned music like that as a kid!
Feedback from participant
Picked up some great ideas for my teaching.
Feedback from participant
Workshops were excellently paced - plenty of variety in each one but enough time spent on each activity also. The content was of immense interest!
Feedback from participant
I enjoyed all aspects, just wish the workshops could go on for longer.
Feedback from participant
…….will feed into my own creative work - made me more aware of elements of construction of music.
Feedback from participant
I think Monica was brilliant and it was a well thought out, greatly varied workshop…….
Feedback from participant
move2music is a great experience. My daughter has developed a great sense of rhythm, and a fantastic ability to listen to music. The freedom of movement in a big space has been combined with the consciousness of the presence of other children with a very nice feeling of harmony.
Feedback from participant
I have been taught by Monica in a variety of different sessions, often at advanced level, and have always left them having developed further skills as a musician, been engaged throughout and also have had fun. Monica strikes a balance between delivering often challenging sessions with a light touch.
Dalcroze Trainee (London)
I wanted to thank you for creating such a clever and fun course for us this morning. I really enjoyed trying something new, and appreciated how the exercises went from tasks that are easier and comfortable to more complicated and outside of my comfort zone. The exercises were clever and transitioned very smoothly (and I haven’t danced this much in years)!
Working with the music in this way, with a score and with musicians, simplified what could have been an overwhelming task. Dalcroze helped me to find, understand and untangle the lines through the music, allowing me to dance faithfully to what I was hearing and describe the music to the audience through my movement.
Freya Jeffs, Dancer
It was such a rewarding experience being part of the team for the Ring Time Project. I am grateful to have been involved in such a inspiring and interesting collaboration. I developed many skills as a dancer, even in a short time, challenging myself to find new possibilities for movement in relation to the music. I completely recommend this practice for both dancers and musicians. A real treat!
Tess Letham, Dancer
Monica is a dynamic and innovative practitioner as well as a skilled trainer and workshop leader. She has delivered a number of high quality, bespoke training sessions across our three Big Noise Centres and according to staff feedback, her sessions have been highly relevant, extremely well-prepared and greatly appreciated.
Francis Cummings, Director of Music, Sistema Scotland
We were so lucky to have Monica to guide us through the labyrinth that is the preparation for the Dalcroze Intermediate exam! She is a perfect mix of practical and inspirational. Thank you, Monica!
Dalcroze Trainee (Scotland)